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During 25 years, in the food industry and standard management, I have gained expertise in all domains related to management systems implementation, risk analysis, international standards, quality and food safety:

Areas of Expertise:

Risk assessment and Crisis Management

Integrated Management System Implementation

Food Fraud Mitigation

Food Safety Culture

System Standards (ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001)

Food Safety Standards (IFS, BRC, FSSC/ISO 22000)


HACCP/ Good Manufacturing Practices

Consumer Relation Management

Laboratory Information Management — System

Electronic Documentation System

Reporting Tools

Japanese Quality Standards


A career focussed on Quality and Food Safety

IFS – International Featured Standards

dec. 2016 – dec.2018

As technical Director, I have overseen the development of all IFS standards with international stakeholders  and worked within the benchmark committee of the GFSI.

I was responsible for editing the IFS Food Fraud Prevention Guideline.


Quality and Development Director Asia Pacific

  • jan. 2013 – nov. 2016

Responsible for product development and quality processes of the Asia Pacific Division (Japan,Vietnam, South Korea, China, Australia…)

Corporate Senior Quality Manager

  • feb. 2007 – dec. 2012
  • Responsible for designing the Quality and Food Safety Policy aligned with CSR initiative.

Development of Quality Training for all Quality Managers 

International Quality Manager

jan. 2005 – feb. 2007

Implementation of Quality and Food Safety Standards across international plants.



Thanks to an international network of partners and independant consultants and auditors, we can offer you a wide range of services and expertises, and guarantee the continuity of our proposals.

Axel Groupe

Axel Groupe - Audit - Consulting - Training

Axel Groupe is a team of consultants, experts in the field of Quality, Safety, and the Environment.
It offers food companies audits, consulting, preparation for certifications, training but also digital solutions.
Among the digital solutions: a regulatory watch and alerts/food fraud tool (AxelPRO tool) as well as an “intelligent” electronic document management tool combined with action plans (Axel Control tool)


Integrated Quality Consulting

IQC is a management consulting company, based in China,  providing professional service of food safety, quality management and sustainability to all stakeholders along the food supply chain.

IQC cooperates with international standard organizations about farm, processing, logistics, sustainability, animal welfare, and let these standards applied for our clients. IQC enables clients to meet the international standard and markets’ requirement, strengthen their competitive, and grow their business

Mutual Audit

Mutual Audit - Supplier Audit Mutualization

Created in 2016, Mutual Audit is a platform that allows to mutualize supplier audits.

It relies on an international auditors network competent in the different food safety standards. The main benefits are:

– reduction of audit costs for the customers

– reduction of the audit number for the suppliers.

– sharing of reports preserving confidentiality

Mutual Audit Logo

Global FoodMate

Chinese Regulatory and Food Safety Expertise Network

Deep dive in China food regulation for 18 years and with good reputation and recognition in China food industry.

Strong team with 200+ professionals dedicated to providing regulatory strategic advice and solutions for our clients.

Close connection with China authorities enables us to provide most accurate and up-to-date advice for our clients in China.

Solid 20+ regulatory databases support our clients effectively and with competitive cost.



Sustainable Performance Developer

Quaternaire, is a Management Consulting company with more than 30 years experience in the field of sustainable organizational, economical and social performance.

Quaternaire has helped more than 300 companies, from SMEs to large groups, in the industry and services to transform their organization, strengthen their operational management, improve industrial performance and employee well being.

Quaternaire’s employees have voted their company to be certified as “Great Place to Work” in 2018.



CSR and Integrated Management System Consultants

Evalianz SAS is a consulting company working internationaly with expertise on Quality (ISO 9001), Food Safety (FSSC/ISO 22000), Environment (ISO 14001, ISO 50001), Safety (ISO 45001) , Corporate Social Responsibiity (ISO 26000, ISO 37001), Integrated management systems.

Evalianz conducts vulnerability assesssments, on Food Fraud, Food Defense, water sourcing, Food Safety consulting, Safety  Management System Implementation, Integrated Management System audits for leading companies of the food and drink sector.

The consultants and trainers from Evalianz are qualified auditors working for different certification bodies.

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