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EU JRC Food Fraud Report – June 2020

The latest food fraud report for 2020 June has just been published :

This month the food fraudsters make us travel to

  • India, where more than 15% of inspected food doesn’t meet quality or food safety, and where milk diluted with polluted water and chemicals has been destroyed.
  • Brazil where Adulterated and mislabeled olive oil was seized
  • Portugal, where Mackerel masking its origin has been seized.
  • Cambodia, where 14 people died after drinking adulterated rice wine. Yes, Food Fraud kills.
  • Pakistan, where polluted milk was discarded, and adulterated sugar and gut were seized.
  • Nepal, where sugar was seized with a falsified consumption date.
  • Hong Kong, where products from illegally fished shark species were seized.
  • Italy, where pasta and drinks from China, seafood and cheese products were found lacking traceability.

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