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Avocados: the rush for the green gold

I have just watched the first episode of Rotten – Season 2 on Netflix: The Avocado War.

This serie is an eye opener on the issues with some of our most loved, eaten foods.

That’s what Food Integrity is all about. For the producer, to make sure that the promises made are delivered to the consumer. But for the consumer also to be full conscious about the origin of the products we eat and about the impact of our diet choices.

The first episode of this new season, shows how Avocado rising world consumption has had impacts on the security of producers in Mexico, fighting a real war against organized crime, but also on water availibity in Chile for the population and smaller farmers around the bigger avocado farms. Not to forget the impact of climate change on the californian producers.

Incidently it also shows the marketing shift from the name “Alligator Pear” to the Aztec related name Avocado, coming from “ahuacatl” or “testicle”, a rather interesting choice.

The conclusion of the film is on the benefits that certification could have on a longer term to improve sustainibility of the Avocado production.

“Food for thought”

Bruno Séchet

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